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MALENE BIRGER´s life and work is moving, travelling and creating. That´s about it!

She constantly flows between projects and destinations on a journey that is synonymous with uncompromising design. Malene Birger has yearned to express her creative style within the world of INTERIOR. Her heart is set on being accepted as an INTERIOR DESIGNER, as well as a FASHION DESIGNER. Now after 25 years in fashion, she is entering the INTERIOR arena with her partners and a handpicked and devoted design team.

In 2014, Malene Birger launched her first BIRGER1962 DÉCOR COLLECTION. Three years later she is back with her DÉCOR SPRING 2018 collection at the international Paris fair Maison et Objet, in January 2018. The BIRGER1962 design studio will annually showcase new extensive stories, designs and objects, besides additional deliveries on selected product groups.

The DÉCOR COLLECTIONS express MALENE BIRGER ´s unique creativity and personal style.
Her collections are profoundly inspired by the cool and sexy 60´s and 70´s well-known design languages; her private homes and spaces; the hotels she visits around the globe; her finds at vintage markets; her passion for art and international auction houses.

BIRGER1962´s collections are eclectic, modern, surprising, tempting and you will notice Malene´s deep desire and respect for the classy old-school look combined with traditional artistry. As a self-defined nomad, living half her life in hotels, the strong Hotel-Living flavour of her collections works with an authentic harmony. Maximalism yes - but under control.

Within the fashion industry Mrs. Birger has already established well-known, successful brands such as Day Birger et Mikkelsen and By Malene Birger. In 2016, she co-founded a small clothing company named A`JOURNEY LONDON. With decades of knowledge and experience from the fashion world, her approach is readily transferable into the hotel design culture. In approaching restaurants, global wholesalers and simply inspiring people BIRGER1962 wish to bring the luxurious styling of hotel comfort into their homes.

Another BIRGER1962 dream and vision is to create its own HOTEL UNIVERSE by finding and working with partners within the hotel business. In an effortless blend of warmth and comfort, art and design, BIRGER1962 takes on real life spaces like the bedroom, bathroom, studio/office and living room. Refreshing contrasts and unexpected combinations reflect Malene Birger´s style and styling. To balance the total look Malene Birger´s own ARTWORKS hang on walls to add her well-known graphic and strong signature.

BIRGER1962 is based in Copenhagen where Mrs Birger was born. BIRGER1962 collections present an authentic journey into living in comfort and style with Malene Birger.