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Welcome to the world of

BIRGER1962 is a creative STUDIO

MALENE BIRGER continues her creative journey of uncompromising style with her INTERIOR and DESIGN studio BIRGER1962.

After more than 25 years' experience within the global fashion industry MALENE BIRGER's name and brands have secured her reputation for uncompromising style and attention to detail. She founded her first brand DAY Birger et Mikkelsen in 1997. Her second brand By Malene Birger was launched in 2003.

BIRGER1962 is a project-driven DESIGN STUDIO which offers a variety of opportunities: a complete concept and universe; individual commissions; design projects in co-operation with other creative companies; or simply a creative touch for those who wish to bring Malene Birger's personal interior style and designs to their space. A style expressed in her eclectic approach to interior and decoration, her strong influence from the Arabian and African cultures, and her love for original 70's design furniture, timeless products and arty objects. MALENE BIRGER's own art and artworks are often strongly presented in her INTERIOR projects.

Her fundamental belief is that creativity creates business and business creates creativity.

A more specific goal is to create a personal universe within smaller boutique hotels in selected destinations around the world. The knowledge and experience BIRGER has gained from the fashion world is readily transferable into the world of hotels and their environments.

As a self-defined nomad, admittedly living half her life in hotels, she travels extensively and searches the world for new sources of inspiration. MALENE BIRGER's approach to INTERIOR and DESIGN is the cool balance of creative expression, art and cultural influences. An interesting harmony exists in her unique style - in the masterful combinations of past and future, craftsmanship and modernity. Maximalism under control.

Supporting the concept and BIRGER1962's style are BIRGER's own private INTERIORS and ART depicted in two grand coffee table books, both printed by international publisher teNeues. The first book LIFE and WORK, was successfully released in 2010 and sold in more than 72 countries, and has since been reprinted in a 2nd edition.
The second book MOVE and WORK launched in autumn 2014. Both books give the reader an intimate insight into MALENE BIRGER's private homes and studios, while MOVE and WORK displays many of her own artworks.

"My ambition is to go with the flow, and let interesting projects and relationships lead BIRGER1962's way towards its full bloom. I hope and wish my style will bring me to the right place and find me the right partners".

STUDIO and office is set in London, where she lives.

Welcome to the world of