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The Terms and Conditions issued by BIRGER1962 A/S ("Seller") apply for any distance selling of the Seller's products ("Product(s)") which take place on shop www.birger1962.com ("the Web Shop"), and where the buyer is a private person who is not buying for commercial purposes ("the Customer").

In order to buy the Product(s) in the Web Shop, the Customer must be minimum 18 years old and be in the possession of a credit Card/Dankort.

When buying goods in the Web Shop, the Customer simultaneously accepts the Terms and Conditions and accordingly, the Customer is obligated to read the Terms and Conditions in detail before ordering Products in the Web Shop. The Customer can read and/or print the Web Shops' Terms and Conditions.

All agreements (orders etc.) between the Customer and the Seller are in English, and are kept by the Seller. The Customers may have access to the agreements by creating a Web Shop customer account.

The Seller reserves the right to revise and amend the Terms and Conditions from time to time, according to law regulations and demands. The Customer's order is subject to the Terms and Conditions in force at the time of ordering the Product(s) from the Seller. If the Terms and Conditions are amended after the Customer's order, but before the issuing of the Order Confirmation, the Customer will be informed accordingly.

The Seller, Contact Details and Customer Service
Ved Vesterport 6
1612 København V
VAT 38709208
Phone +45 70 23 03 18
E-mail info@birger1962.com
Telephone hours: Monday - Friday 9-16 CET


The Customer can find information about the Seller's Products in the Web Shop in which a short description of the Seller's Products is also available.

The range of Products in the Web Shop is merely an invitation to the Customer to submit an offer by sending an order to the Seller. The purchase agreement ("Agreement") is not final until the Seller has accepted the Customer's offer by forwarding an order confirmation to the Customer.

The Seller reserves the right of that some Products may be sold out.

Gift Card

The Gift Card can only be purchased and used on www.birger1962.com.

The Customer can purchase a Gift Card by choosing a value for the Gift Card and click on "PURCHASE". The value of the Gift Card can vary from 27 EUR to 300 EUR, depending on the Customers wish at the point of purchase. Any balances after use of the Gift Card, can have a lower value than the minimum value. The Customer receives the Gift Card on his/her e-mail address registered in "MY ACCOUNT", where the Customer can choose to print the Gift Card. The Gift Card Code stated on the Gift Card contains the value chosen by the Customer. When making use of the Gift Card, the Gift Card Code should be inserted in the field "GIFT CARD CODE" on the "CHECKOUT" page. The value of the Gift Card will thereby be withdrawn from the total value of the order. If the total value of the Gift Card is not being used on one order, the Customer will receive an e-mail, after placing the order, with a new code containing the balance value of the original Gift Card.

The Gift Card is valid for 12 months and can be returned during the whole period of validity, and up to one year after the period of validity has expired. If the Customer has a balance on the Gift Card after the period of validity has expired, the Customer is entitled to receive a refund of the balance left on the Gift Card. The refund is valid up to one year after the expiry date.

The Customer should take care of the Gift Gard. If the Gift Card is lost or misused, BIRGER1962 A/S is not liable for sending a new Gift Card, or cover any other inconvenience or damages that might occur by the loss or misuse.


The price of the Seller's Products in the Web Shop is stated in Euro and Danish Kroner and includes Danish VAT (25%). The prices stated in the Web Shop are subject to changes if possible errors are discovered by the Seller. The Seller reserves the right to correct a price or decline an order placed by the Customer until the point where the Customer has received an order confirmation.

Please note that a shipping charges will be added to the price of the Products at the point of checkout, unless The Seller is making limited offers with "Free Shipping".

Ordering and confirmation of an order

To buy a Product, the Customer must find the required Product and click "PURCHASE". If the Customer wants an overview of the purchases, the Customer may choose "MY BAG". When the Customer wants to finish shopping, please choose "GO TO CHECKOUT", upon which the Customer receives an overview of the order (the "Order") and the total price (including VAT and shipping charges). The Customer completes contact details and choose "PROCEED TO PAYMENT". If the Customer wants to change the Order, the Customer must choose "MY BAG". If the Customer accepts the Order, the Customer needs to accept the Terms and Conditions by ticking "By placing an order you agree on our Terms and Conditions" and then choose "PROCEED TO PAYMENT". The payment method must be selected, and the payment details must be entered, finally the Customer has to choose "COMPLETE PAYMENT".

Order Confirmation and Invoice

If the Seller accepts the Customer's Order, the Customer will receive an Order Confirmation by e-mail. The order confirmation includes an outline of the Customer's Order as well as the Customer's data. If the Customer wishes to receive a new order confirmation, the Customer may establish a "MY ACCOUNT" directly in the Web Shop in order to reprint the order confirmation as well as the invoice at any time.

When the Order has been dispatched from the Seller's warehouse to the Customer, the Customer will receive a tracking number as well as an final invoice by e-mail shortly after.


BIRGER1962 A/S uses e-Pay, a secure and certified (by VISA and Mastercard) online payment solution for all online payments. All payments take place via an encrypted internet connection. The Customer may effect payment with the following credit cards: Visa/Dankort, VISA, Visa Electron, VPay, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB and American Express. The Customer must enter card number, expiry date and check digits when ordering Products. A credit card fee may be charged depending on the Card issuer.

The amount will be debited from the Customer's account only when the Seller ships the Product(s) from the Seller's warehouse to the Customer. If there is no coverage on the credit card, the Seller reserves the right to cancel the Order and will contact the Customer.

Shipping Terms

The Seller will ship the Order within 3-5 working days after forwarding the order confirmation. The Customer will receive a tracking number when the order has been dispatched.

The Customer can find the freight costs under "SHOPPING HELP" on the top of the page.

When the Customer receives the Order, the Customer must examine that the Product(s)/the number of delivered Product(s) correspond(s) to the Customer's Order, and that the Product(s) and its/their packaging has/have not been damaged or disrupted in any way. In case of force majeure, the Seller reserves the right concerning the delivery time. The Seller will not be liable in any circumstances which appear from the following non-exhaustive list and which prevent or delay the Seller's observance of the Agreement: nuisance and disruptions in operations as a consequence of legislation, actions taken by authorities, acts of war, terrorism, strikes, physical blockades, lock-outs, fires and natural disasters. In such events, both parties are entitled to postpone their contractual obligation until the problem has ceased, or alternatively, the parties are entitled to cancel the Agreement fully or partially without incurring liability for this if the problems result in meeting the contractual obligations being delayed more than six (6) months. If the Seller's delivery is delayed by more than 14 days, the Customer is entitled to cancel the Order, and any amount which has already been paid by the Customer must be refunded by the Seller to the Customer as soon as possible and under any circumstances not later than 14 days after the Seller's receipt of the Customer's cancellation of the Order. The cancellation should be in writing and sent by e-mail to info@birger1962.com

Return and Cancellation Rights

The Customer is entitled to cancel the Agreement and the Product(s) within 14 days from when the Customer receives the Product(s). The Customer's right to cancel, provides that the Seller's Products are returned in unused and undamaged condition. The Product(s) need to be in the same condition and quantity in which the Customer received the Product(s).

The Customer may unpack the Product(s), however, the cancellation right is forfeited if the Product(s) have been used, broken, worn, changed or washed which also applies if the original hang tags/labels are removed or have been removed and replaced again. To exercise the cancellation right, the original packaging must also be undamaged since it is regarded as part of the Product(s) and in order for the Seller to be able to resell the Product(s) again.

The Seller reserves the right to decline exchange of the Product if the conditions above are not met.

Example of the Return and Cancellation Rights:
If the Customer receives the delivery of the Product(s) 1st November, the Customer's deadline for exercising the cancellation and return right applies until and including 15th November. If the deadline expires on a non-working day (local Public Holiday, Sunday etc.), the Customer may wait until the following business day to exercise the cancellation right.

In order to cancel or return the purchase, the Customer should complete a Return Form enclosed with the order and send to info@birger1962.com.

Alternatively the Customer can print the Return Form here.

The Customer may also exercise the cancellation right by refusing the delivery of the Product(s).

The Seller is obligated to refund the full price of the Product(s) returned by the Customer provided that they are returned by the Customer according the instructions above. The Seller reserves the right to decline returned products if they do not meet these conditions. The Customer is to pay the costs for returning the Product(s). The Seller's refund will be made by means of the same method of payment which was used to pay the purchase price. The Customer is not entitled to interest in connection with the refund of the amount. The refund is to take place within 14 days after the Customer has informed the Seller of the cancellation of the purchase. However, the Seller is entitled to withhold the refund until the Seller has received the Product(s) from the Customer.

The Seller sends an e-mail of acceptance to the Customer and a refund will be made within 5 working days.

Amendment, cancellation and exchange before shipping

If the Customer wishes to amend or cancel the Order before shipping, the Customer must immediately send an e-mail to info@birger1962.com. The Customer forfeits this right, if the Customer already has received the Seller's confirmation of shipment and tracking number, because it means that the Product(s) have left the warehouse. However, in such case the Customer may exercise the cancellation and return rights, see clause about Return and Cancellation Rights above.

Notice of defect (Claims)

The Customer has a warranty of 2 years if the Product is faulty or defect. For claims the Customer should follow the guidlines below.

1. The Customer should inform BIRGER1962 as soon as the defect of the Product(s) is discovered at info@birger1962.com or call +45 70 23 03 18
2. The Customer will be asked for documentation of the purchase, such as invoice copy and may also be asked to send pictures to visualize the defected Product(s).

3. BIRGER1962 will assess the claim as soon as possoble or latest within 30 days of receipt.

Complaints are to be made within reasonable time after the Customer has discovered the defect of the Product. If a complaint is submitted within two months after the discovery of the defect, the complaint will always be considered punctual.

The seller can offer a repair or an exchange of the Product, a price reduction or a refund. When the complaint process has been completed, the Seller will send an e-mail to the Customer containing the Seller's assessment of the complaint, including whether it is justified or not.

In case the complaint is justified, the Seller may offer to pay reasonable freight charges for the Customer's return of the Product(s).

Applicable law and venue

Unless otherwise determined by mandatory applicable law, these Terms and Conditions and the Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Denmark irrespective of the Danish rules on international private law to the extent that such rules would lead to other applicable law than Danish law. Any dispute arising out of these Terms and Conditions and the Agreement which cannot be resolved amicably by the Parties must be brought before the Court of Copenhagen. The Customer may also bring the matter before the court in the jurisdiction in which the Customer resides.

Welcome to BIRGER1962 A/S ("the Website") owned by:
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When communicating with us on our Website, BIRGER1962 in the role of data controller and data processor - collect and handle information about you. The protection of your personal data is very important to us and accordingly, we wish to explain how we handle your personal data.
Below you will find a description of the personal data which we gather, for which purpose we use the information, how long we keep the information and if we share the information with others.


We gather information about your name, e-mail address, address and any other information which you provide in the ordering process on our Webshop, when you subscribe to our newsletters or when you write to us on the Website. Furthermore, we collect information by using cookies. Please see our Cookie Policy for further details.


We use your personal data to process your order and to send the goods to you, handle complaints, send newsletters to you and to contact you if you so request. Moreover, we also use your personal data to answer any inquiries and to improve the contents of the Website. The information may also be used for statistics about the users of the Website.


In some cases we will pass on the personal data which you provide on the Website to others. The passing on of personal data will take place to the extent and to whom it is necessary, in order for us to provide you with the service you request, e.g. in connection with delivery of your order or similar services, which require that we use your data.

Your personal data may be passed on to: (i) suppliers with whom we cooperate to support our company (e.g. suppliers of services, technical support, delivery services and financial institutions); or (ii) in connection with sales, assignments or prevailing other transfer of the contents of the Website; or (iii) if it is required by law, court order or by prevailing legislation.

As our business grows, we may sell and acquire businesses or assets. In connection with such transactions, customer information in general is one of the most attractive business assets. Personal data collected with reference to this Privacy Policy will, if so, be passed on to the buyer acquiring our business or assets or to companies that we may acquire.


We store your personal data for as long as it is necessary in order for us to deliver the service you have required, or for as long as it is required by law after which your personal data is deleted.


We take precautionary measures of technical and organizational nature to protect your personal data from manipulation, loss, destruction or access from unauthorized persons. Our precautionary measures are revised on a regular basis in accordance with the newest technological Development and according to the law.

However, we cannot guarantee that the data is completely protected against individuals who want to and succeed in breaking our precautionary measures and gain access to transfer information on the Internet, e.g. via e-mail.


You are entitled to receive access to your personal data once each year free of charge and receive information on how your personal data is handled, and you are also entitled to request us to correct, block or delete incorrect personal data. You are further entitled to request that your personal data is not being used or is transferred to any third party for commercial or statistical purposes. You may also complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency.
Please contact us, if you have such request. Our contact details are stated at the beginning of this Privacy Policy document.


We reserve the rights to change our Privacy Policy at any time. Please check this Website on a regular basis to see if there are any changes. By continuous use of/visits to this Website, you accept these changes.


Please contact us on +45 7022 7071 or info@birger1962.com if you have any questions or comments.

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Revised March 2018

Accepted credit cards

Revised March 2018















Disse handelsbetingelser ("Betingelserne"), som er udstedt af BIRGER1962 A/S ("Sælger"), gælder for ethvert fjernsalg af Sælgers produkter ("Produkter" eller "Produkterne" eller "Produkt"), der gennemføres på www.birger1962.com ("Webshoppen"), og hvor køberen er en forbruger, som er en fysisk person, og som ikke handler erhvervsmæssigt ("Kunden").

For at kunne købe Produkter i Webshoppen skal Kunden være fyldt 18 år og være i besiddelse af et gyldigt betalingskort udstedt i Danmark.
Når Kunden køber varer i Webshoppen, accepterer Kunden samtidigt Handelsbetingelserne, og Kunden er derfor forpligtet til at læse Handelsbetingelserne grundigt, inden Kunden bestiller Produkter i Webshoppen.

Kunden kan læse og/eller printe Handelsbetingelserne på webshoppen.

Alle aftaler mellem Kunden og Sælger indgås på engelsk, og aftalerne (ordre m.m.) gemmes af Sælger. Kunden kan få adgang til aftalerne ved at oprette en kundekonto direkte på Webshoppen.
Sælger forbeholder sig retten til at revidere og ændre Handelsbetingelserne fra tid til anden. Kundens bestilling vil være underlagt de betingelser, der gælder på det tidspunkt, Kunden bestiller Produkter fra Sælger. Hvis Betingelserne ændres efter Kundens bestilling, men inden Ordrebekræftelsen sendes af Sælger, vil Kunden blive orienteret herom.

Denne Webshop er på engelsk. Ved at godkende handelsbetingelserne ved køb, godkender kunden også at handelen foregår på engelsk.

Sælger, kontaktoplysninger og kundeservice
Ved Vesterport 6
1612 København V
CVR: 38709208
Telefon: +45 70 23 03 18
E-mail: info@birger1962.com
Telefontid: Mandag - Fredag 9.00-16.00 CET


Kunden kan finde oplysninger om Sælgers Produkter på Webshoppen, hvor en kort beskrivelse af Sælgers Produkter også er tilgængelig.
Udbuddet af Produkter på Webshoppen er alene en opfordring til Kunden om at fremsætte et tilbud ved at sende en ordre til Sælger. Aftalen er først endelig, når Sælger har accepteret Kundens tilbud ved at sende en ordrebekræftelse til Kunden.

Der tages forbehold for udsolgte Produkter.


Gavekortet kan kun købes og bruges på www.birger1962.com.

Kunden kan købe et gavekort ved at vælge en værdi på det beløb kunden ønsker gavekortet på, og klikke "PURCHASE". Værdien af gavekortet kan variere fra 200 DKK til 2500 DKK afhængigt af Kundens ønske ved køb. Eventuelle restbeløb efter brug af gavekortet, kan ligge under minimumbeløbet. Kunden vil modtage gavekortet på den e-mailadresse, som er angivet i "MY ACCOUNT", og hvorfra Kunden kan vælge at udskrive gavekort. Gavekort-koden som står på gavekortet indeholder den værdi som kunden har valgt. Når kunden vil bruge gavekortet, skal gavekort-koden tastes i feltet "GIFT CARD CODE" under "CHECKOUT". Værdien af gavekortet, vil derved trækkes fra den totale værdi af ordren. Hvis den samlede værdi af gavekortet ikke bruges på én ordre, vil kunden modtage en e-mail, med en ny kode indeholdende den resterende værdi af det oprindelige gavekort.
Gavekortet er gyldigt i 12 måneder, og kan returneres under hele gyldighedsperioden samt i op til et år efter gyldighedsperioden udløb. Skulle der være et restbeløb på gavekortet efter gyldighedsperioden udløber, er kunden også berettiget til at få restværdien tilbagebetalt. Tilbagebetalingen kan ske i op til et år efter gyldighedsperioden udløb.

Det er kundens ansvar at passe på gavekortet. Hvis gavekortet bliver væk eller misbrugt, er BIRGER1962 A/S ikke ansvarlig for at sende et nyt gavekort, eller erstatte den ulejlighed eller skader, der måtte være i forbindelse med tabet.


Prisen for Sælgers Produkter i Webshoppen er angivet i Euro og Danske Kroner og er inkl. moms (25%). Der tages forbehold for eventuelle fejl i de på Webshoppen angivne priser. Sælger er først bundet af de på Webshoppen oplyste priser indtil det tidspunkt, hvor Sælger fremsender ordrebekræftelsen. Indtil da forbeholder Sælger sig retten til at afvise Kundens bestilling.

Bemærk venligst, at der til Produkternes pris tillægges leveringsomkostninger. Med mindre Sælgeren tilbyder fragt frihed i en begrænset periode.

Bestilling og bekræftelse på bestilling

For at købe et Produkt skal Kunden finde det Produkt, som Kunden ønsker og klikke "PURCHASE". Hvis Kunden ønsker en oversigt over ordren, skal Kunden vælge "MY BAG". Når Kunden ønsker at afslutte indkøbet, vælger Kunden "GO TO CHECKOUT", hvorefter Kunden skal indtaste sine oplysninger og afslutte med "PROCEED TO PAYMENT". Herefter får kunden en oversigt over ordren ("The Order") samt den samlede pris (inkl. moms og leveringsomkostninger). Hvis Kunden ønsker at ændre Ordren, skal Kunden vælge "MY BAG". Hvis Kunden vil godkende Ordren, skal Kunden acceptere Handelsbetingelserne ved at vælge "By placing an order you agree on our Terms and Conditions" og så vælge "PROCEED TO PAYMENT". Betalingsmetoden vælges og betalingsoplysningerne udfyldes, og "COMPLETE PAYMENT" vælges til sidst.

Ordrebekræftelse og faktura

Kunden modtager en ordrebekræftelse pr. e-mail, som accept fra Sælger. Ordrebekræftelsen indeholder en oversigt over Kundens Ordren samt Kundens oplysninger. Hvis Kunden ønsker at få tilsendt en ny ordrebekræftelse, kan Kunden oprette en kundekonto direkte på Webshoppen under "MY ACCOUNT", hvor man kan genudskrive ordrebekræftelsen og andre dokumenter.

Når Ordren er sendt til Kunden, modtager Kunden en e-mail med et track and trace nummer og ligeledes en faktura.


Webshoppen anvender ePay som betalingsløsning. Betaling med debit- og kreditkort via Webshoppen er sikker og certificeret af kortudstederen. Alle betalinger sker via en krypteret internetforbindelse.

Kunden kan betale med følgende kort udstedt i Danmark: Dankort ,Visa, Visa Electron, VPay, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB og American Express.
Kunden skal indtaste kortnummer, udløbsdato og kontrolcifre ved bestilling af Produkter. Det er gebyrfrit at betale med kort på Webshoppen. Der kan dog blive pålagt gebyr fra Kundens kortudsteder, som Webshoppen ikke har nogen kontrol over.

Beløbet vil blive hævet på Kundens konto, når Sælger afsender Produktet/Produkterne til Kunden. Hvis der ikke er dækning på kortet forbeholder Sælger sig retten til at annullere Ordren, og kontakter Kunden.

Leveringssted og leveringstid

Sælger leverer Ordren i Danmark inden 3-5 hverdage efter afsendelse af ordrebekræftelse. Kunden modtager et forsendelsesnummer når ordren bliver afsendt.

Kunden kan finde fragtomkostningerne under "SHOPPING HELP" øverst på siden.

Når Kunden modtager Ordren, er Kunden forpligtet til at undersøge, at Produktet/antallet af leverede Produkter svarer til Kundens Ordre, og at Produktet/Produkterne og dettes/disses emballage ikke er beskadiget, brudt eller på nogen måde ændret.

Sælger tager forbehold for leveringstiden i tilfælde af force majeure. Sælger skal derfor ikke hæfte i tilfælde af forhold, som fremgår af følgende ikke-udtømmende liste, og som forhindrer eller forsinker Sælgers overholdelse af Aftalen: forstyrrelser i driften som følge af lovgivning, handlinger foretaget af stats- eller offentlige myndigheder, krigshandlinger, terrorisme, strejker, fysiske blokader, lockouter, brand og naturkatastrofer. Begge parter er i disse tilfælde berettiget til at få udsat deres kontraktmæssige forpligtelse, indtil problemet er ophørt, eller subsidiært er parterne berettiget til at annullere aftalen helt eller delvist uden, at parterne derved ifalder et ansvar herfor i tilfælde af, at problemerne medfører, at opfyldelsen af de kontraktmæssige forpligtelser bliver mere end seks (6) måneder forsinket.
Hvis Sælgers levering bliver forsinket med mere end 14 dage, er Kunden berettiget til at annullere Ordren, og eventuelle beløb, der allerede er betalt af Kunden, skal af Sælger tilbagebetales til Kunden hurtigst muligt og senest 14 dage efter Sælgers modtagelse af Kundens annullering af Ordren. Annullering kan ske skriftligt og sendes pr. e-mail til info@birger1962.com.


Kunden har 14-dages fortrydelsesret fra tidspunktet, hvor Kunden modtager Produktet/Produkterne. Kundens ret til at benytte fortrydelsesretten forudsætter, at Sælgers Produkter kan returneres i ubrugt og ubeskadiget og væsentlig samme stand, mængde og original emballage, som da Kunden modtog Produkterne.
Kunden må gerne pakke Produktet/Produkterne ud og prøve det/dem, men fortrydelsesretten bortfalder, hvis Produktet/Produkterne er blevet brugt, slidt, ændret eller vasket, hvilket tillige gælder, hvis de originale tags/mærker er fjernet eller har været fjernet og er sat på igen. Den originale emballage skal være ubeskadiget, da dette betragtes som en del af Produktet/Produkterne, såfremt Sælger skal kunne sælge produktet igen.

Sælger forbeholder sig ret til at afvise ombytning af Produktet, der ikke opfylder disse betingelser.

Her er et eksempel for beregning af fristerne for at kunne benytte fortrydelsesretten:
Hvis Kunden modtager Produktet/Produkterne den 1. november, har Kunden frist til at fortryde købsaftalen med Sælger til og med den 15. november. Hvis fristen falder på en søn- eller helligdag, kan den rykkes til førstkommende hverdag.
For at fortryde købet, skal Kunden udfylde en Fortrydelsesformular ("Return Form") som ligger i kassen sammen med ordren, og sende til info@birger1962.com.

Alternativt kan fortrydelsesformularen printes her.

Kunden kan også udøve sin fortrydelsesret ved at afvise pakken/ordren ved levering.

Sælger er forpligtet til at tilbagebetale den fulde pris for det/de af Kunden returnerede Produkt/Produkter under forudsætning af, at de returneres af Kunden i ubrugt og ubeskadiget og væsentlig samme stand, mængde samt original emballage, som da Kunden modtog Produktet/Produkterne. Sælger forbeholder sig ret til at afvise returvarer, der ikke opfylder disse betingelser.

Kunden afholder selv omkostningerne til returnering af Produktet/Produkterne, og de afholdte omkostninger refunderes ikke af Sælger.

Sælgers tilbagebetaling sker ved hjælp af samme betalingsmetode, der anvendtes ved indbetaling af købsprisen. Køber er ikke berettiget til renter ved tilbagebetaling af beløbet. Tilbagebetaling skal finde sted hurtigst muligt og senest 14 dage efter Kunden har informeret Sælger om, at Kunden ønsker at gøre brug af sin fortrydelsesret. Sælger er dog berettiget til at tilbageholde tilbagebetalingen, indtil Sælger har modtaget Produktet/Produkterne retur fra Kunden.
Sælger sender en e-mail til Kunden, når de returnerede Produkt/Produkter er blevet behandlet. Hvis returforsendelsen bliver accepteret, finde tilbagebetalingen sted senest 5 arbejdsdage derefter.

Ændring, annullering og ombytning

Hvis Kunden ønsker at ændre eller annullere en bestilling eller Ordre inden levering, skal Kunden straks sende en e-mail til info@birger1962.com. Kunden mister denne ret, hvis Kunden allerede har modtaget Sælgers bekræftelse på, at Produkterne er sendt. I sådanne tilfælde kan Kunden dog benytte sig af fortrydelsesretten, se kapitel "Fortrydelsesret".


Kunden har 24 måneders reklamationsret, hvis Produktet er defekt eller skadet. I tilfælde af reklamation, bedes nedenstående guide følges.

1. Kunden bør informere BIRGER1962 så snart defekten eller skaden af Produktet/Produkterne bliver opdaget, ved at skrive til info@birger1962.com eller ringe +45 70 23 03 18

2. Kunden vil blive bedt om dokumentation af købet, såsom en faktura, og kan også blive bedt om at sende billeder for at visualisere skaden.

3. BIRGER1962 vurderer reklamationen senest 30 dage efter modtagelsen.

Der skal reklameres inden rimelig tid efter, at Kunden har opdaget manglen ved Produktet. Hvis der reklameres inden for to måneder efter, at manglen er opdaget, vil reklamationen altid være rettidig.
Sælger vurderer, om Kundens reklamation er berettiget, og i bekræftende fald om Kunden er berettiget til at få Produktet repareret, ombyttet, afslag i prisen eller pengene retur.

Når reklamationen er færdigbehandlet, sender Sælger en e-mail til Kunden med Sælgers vurdering af, om reklamationen er berettiget eller ej. Hvis reklamationen er berettiget, kan Sælger tilbyde at afholde rimelige fragtomkostninger i forbindelse med Kundens returnering af Produktet.

Lovvalg og værneting

Aftalen skal være undergivet og fortolkes i overensstemmelse med dansk ret uden hensyn til danske regler vedrørende international privatret i det omfang anvendelse af sådanne regler ville føre til et andet lovvalg end dansk ret. Enhver tvist, som måtte opstå i forbindelse med Aftalen, og som ikke kan løses på venskabelig vis mellem Parterne, skal indbringes for en dansk domstol. Kunden har ret til at indbringe tvisten for domstolen i den retskreds, hvor kunden er bosiddende.

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